Dress Code

South Hills Country Club offers its members exceptional golfing and social opportunities. The Board of Directors and both the House and Golf Committees want you to be comfortable and proud to be affiliated with this fine club. Proper attire contributes to the overall enjoyment and reputation of the Club. It is your responsibility as a member to inform your guests and family members of our dress code. It will be potentially embarrassing for you and your guest to be told they are not suitably attired. The Board of Directors, House and Golf Committees, General Manager and his staff, and our Golf Professional and his staff are responsible for bringing dress code violations to the attention of our members and guests as they occur.


Proper attire of our members and guests is expected at all times. Cargo pants and cargo shorts are not allowed in the clubhouse or the golf course. Sports uniforms will be allowed on Saturdays only; this does not include cargo shorts/pants or sweat pants with elasticized bottoms.

Unacceptable attire includes undershirts, pajamas, slippers, hats (other than ladies), helmets, dirty or torn clothing, scrubs of any kind, tank tops (defined as sleeveless shirts or blouses with a scooped neck and back, whether round or v-necked), short-shorts, bathing suits (acceptable in pool area only).

Denim of any kind or color is unacceptable attire on the golf course! Denim may be worn in the clubhouse and pool areas. Denim must be in good condition, without holes, rips or frays. Acid washed denim, handwritten messages, pictures, inappropriate messages and visible undergarments or midriffs are not allowed.

Gentlemen (All Ages)

Gentlemen shall wear collared shirts, golf pants, tailored slacks, or Bermuda shorts.

Inside the Clubhouse shirts must be tucked in unless the shirt is square or box (Tommy Bahama) style with buttons all the way up the front. Only then, it may be worn untucked.

Mock turtlenecks, defined as minimum of 1 ½” are allowed. Shorts must be a minimum of 17 inches in total length, not more than 4 inches above the knee, and no longer than mid-knee.

On the golf course, ALL shirts must be tucked in. Men’s hats, caps, and visors must be worn bill facing forward, and must be removed inside the clubhouse/card room.

Ladies (All Ages)

Ladies shall wear golf shirts or blouses, and tailored slacks, skirts, or Bermuda shorts.

Dresses, whether strapless, off the shoulder, halter, tank-type (sundresses) or spaghetti straps are allowed; shell tops are also permitted. Tops with exposed mid-drifts are not allowed.

Skirts and shorts shall be no shorter than 5” above the middle of the back of the knee. Unacceptable attire would be tank tops (defined as sleeveless shirts or blouses with a scooped neck and back, whether round or v-necked), short-shorts, bathing suits (acceptable in pool area only).

Ladies caps, hats, and visors will be permitted throughout the clubhouse any day before 4pm.

Tennis (All Ages)

For members and guests using the tennis facility, appropriate tennis attire may be worn on the courts, pool area including terrace, locker rooms, and exercise rooms.

A tennis type warm-up suit (excluding jogging suits) must be worn over the attire to enter the clubhouse, use the grill terrace, and the area between the clubhouse and men’s locker room.

Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times.

Exercise Rooms (All Ages)

Ladies and gentlemen shall wear shoes, socks, shorts and shirts or blouses at a minimum. No tank tops or women’s halter tops are permissible.

While tee shirts, exercise shorts, leotards, leggings, and sweat suits are permissible in the Exercise Rooms and Locker Rooms, they are not permissible in other clubhouse facilities.

Please Note: By request of the Board of Directors, the entire South Hills Country Club staff is responsible for and will enforce this Dress Code. The Board has authorized them to ask any Member and/or Guest to leave Club premises should they be in violation of said Dress Code. It is the responsibility of each Member (when inviting Guests) to inform them of the Dress Code to avoid any possible embarrassment. Also, note that in the dining areas, the Dress Code may be altered by special announcement during functions, golf tournaments and certain other member activities.